Why Barney Stinson is a marketing genius

Barney Stinson True Story

Barney Stinson

Why Barney Stinson is a marketing genius, true story


  1. Self-branding

Ok, so Barney Stinson finishes in a joint first place, alongside Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had his jeans and black turtleneck, Barney has his suit. Steve Jobs was probably the most recognisable CEO in the world due to his fashion choices, and Barney is probably the world’s most recognisable ambassador for always looking your best. He has turned himself into an icon of always looking your best. Plus, repetition is an actual advertising technique used by most marketers. And nobody does it better than Barney.

  1. The power of repetition

‘Suit up!’ ‘Challenge accepted!’ ‘Haaaaaaave you met Ted?’ ‘It’s going to be legendary!’ We’re referring back once more to the importance of repetition. Barney says a lot of funny things. But the things we remember, are the things he says time and time again. His ‘catch phrases’ are known globally, simply because he kept using them in the most (in)appropriate ways.

  1. Master of persuasion

‘Isolate her from her friends, repeat her name in conversation and gently let her down.’ When Barney wants something, he doesn’t just do it. He plans every step along the way. Persuasion is understanding your customer (or in Barney’s case, victim) and try and get them to want what you can offer. Once he has what he wants, he’s not finished yet. He keeps on planning the next step.

‘Don’t give her our phone number, that means she can call us and cancel! If we don’t give it, she has to show!’

  1. Flawless execution

Everyone wants to be like Barney. Ok, maybe not everyone. But let’s face it, at times you wish you were as cool as Barney. His impeccable style, good looks, fantastic timing and epic thought-out plans. It’s verging on creepy. Actually, it is creepy. Very creepy. The perfect week, the playbook, how he manipulates Robin into wanting to be with him. It’s all flawless. If your business executes their plans anywhere as close as Barney does, you’re headed for success.

  1. Spin-off’s

When Barney creates something successful, he doesn’t just celebrate its success. He fully capitalises on it and ensures he gets maximum return out of the time and money invested. As Barney says, the bro code now available in selected hotels throughout the country. But taking it a step further, the bro code has been published and is up for sale globally.

Plus, have you ever seen these?


And then to think he’s just a guy who served you coffee once.

Peace out, loser.


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