We Believe Each Culture Is

Unique And Therefore

Needs A Unique Approach

If you are thinking about marketing your brand or company in China and using the same marketing strategies you are using so far, think again. China is a completely different market with different mindsets, rules and regulations. Hiring a translator to translate your content will not work and can affect your brand negatively. Luckily for you, we have a team in China who can make sure that your company is being marketed correctly in China. 
We can help brands and companies in the UK attract their desired Chinese audience on WeChat and Weibo. With our team in London who will work closely with you and our team in Asia, you won’t have to worry about your message being lost in translation when working with us. 


We create

Hire Media Network is committed to assisting you with increasing your brand presence in Asia. How do we do this? We look at your brand, your products, your marketing and transform and create a strategy that will work in the Chinese Market. We can ensure that our strategies attract the right audience on WeChat and Weibo and that all your goals are met.

We consult

The biggest challenge with marketing to China is the difference in expectations. With our experienced team in London and Asia, you have a dedicated team that will consult and help you market your brand correctly to the Chinese Market.

We evaluate

Every month, we evaluate the process and progress of your marketing strategies. We do this by analysing all the data from WeChat and Weibo. We then send a monthly report to our clients and evaluate it together. Only by consistently evaluating your performance and by improving time and time again, will your company be successful in marketing to the Chinese Market.

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