An Introduction to Remarketing – How to use Remarketing for Small Business

Remarketing. Sounds complicated, but its quite easy to understand. The essence of remarketing is already captured in the word itself. It is an online technique that is used to ‘re-market’ to the people you tried to market or sell to before, but did not succeed.

You will probably have experienced remarketing yourself.

It would have happened when shopping online or making an online purchase, but where you didn’t complete the sales process all the way through to the check-out. You didn’t make a purchase.

You may have decided to browse a few other shops or websites but you are being followed by advertisements from the website you just visited a moment ago. The ads trying to get you back to the original website, is what we call remarketing. Trying to market to you again, when you didn’t convert into a paying  customer on the first try.

Image courtesy of Kirin Hussain

So how can I use remarketing for my small business?

Well there are various ways of remarketing.  The one that’s best for you, very much depends on  the kind of business you’re running. Furthermore you should always be aware of your competitors’ digital marketing efforts to get maximum return on your own campaign.

Plus, you can choose whether to target your lost customers via Google,  blogs, Facebook,  YouTube,  Twitter and loads of other online platforms.

One word of advice – (good) remarketing does require some help from outside agencies. This is to get the designs done for your remarketing campaign, but more importantly because you really need to understand the analytics of online shopping behaviour. You also need an agency that understand how cookies work on  websites and what the rules and regulations are. After all, you are capturing your visitors online data. This means you need to understand the regulatory limits that may be in place.

If you are running a small business that sells products online, remarketing is probably worthwhile investing in. Google has a great case study about Loews hotels. Loews increased revenue by 60% and had 57% uplift in bookings, and there’s countless other examples out there that show remarketing does work.

Are you interested in using remarketing for your small business? Getting a remarketing campaign set up is fairly easy, but you do need technical know-how as you need to make a few minor changes to your website’s code. So make sure you spend some time with your web developer or an (online) marketing agency to get maximum results.

More on remarketing can also be found on Think with Google. There is loads more to remarketing, including video marketing, dynamic remarketing and lots of other cool stuff. But hopefully this article has given you some insight in to what remarketing is and you can use remarketing for your small business.



Bleddyn Pijpers is the co-founder and Account Director at Hire Media Network. The idea of Hire Media Network was born out of the idea that with today’s technology, you can do more, for less. We work with a number of designers and developers who are based in Europe and in Asia. By simply saving on our overhead costs, we save on our clients’ cost. Bleddyn has been in involved with a number of businesses and founded Hire Media Network in the summer of 2014. Connect with @HireMediaUK on Twitter.


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