The Brief

Situated in Mayfair, the heart of London, Suavon is a home and lifestyle management specialist in providing world class services to discerning families and individuals who own properties in London.

Suavon asked us to help re-design their WordPress Website so that it can represent Suavon’s goal, which is to provide their clients with world class service. With this in mind, we wanted to make sure that Suavon’s Services is clear to the audience and to improve UI so that potential clients spend more time on their website, seeing how Suavon can improve their lifestyle.

We Delivered

A newly designed WordPress website to help showcase Suavon’s first class services to their high-net-worth clients in Asia and Middles East. The website focuses on two key variables; a luxurious design to attract clients and a good UI/UX design. The result is a beautifully designed website which met all of our client’s expectations and needs.

You can view the new WordPress site Here

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 User Interface Design

One thing we wanted to work on most for Suavon’s new WordPress website was on their User Interface Design. We wanted to make sure that their new WordPress website represented Suavon properly and when potential clients went on their website, they can see how Suavon can help them within a few seconds of viewing their new WordPress Website.

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 User Experience Design

Compared to their old WordPress website, we wanted to help improve the user experience by making sure that the new navigation is easy to use for their future potential clients. This will help potential clients navigate through their new WordPress website with ease and make sure that they see all the important information regarding Suavon’s services.

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 Mobile Friendly

We made sure that Suavon’s new WordPress website is fully responsive. This means that the WordPress website adopt’s to every size of screen and device. No problem visiting the website from your tablet or mobile.

WordPress Website Suavon