The Brief

Minddistrict is an international company that works with e-Health programmes. Both developers and psychologist work here. Minddistrict asked us to create an illustration & infographic that will show their customers that they can access all of their medical records all the time, everywhere and anywhere.

We Delivered

And we just delivered just that. We created an infographic about Seamless health; No longer having to wait at the doctor’s office, but still having the ability to access all your medical records all the time.

Total Hours Spent
Total Concept Design
Cups of Coffee


We wanted to create an infographic that was simple, clean and can be easily understood by people from different age groups. So while creating the infographic, we thought it would be best to design a cartoon type of infographic, whilst keeping in mind that it had to be clear and simple.

Social Media

For their social media accounts, we wanted to make sure that all of the content we were creating for them was clear and visually appealing to their target audience. We used a white background for all the illustrations so that the main content of the illustrations was clear and appealing to all their social media audience.