The Brief

River Film approached us with two objectives. First was to completely renew their website design and improve their user interface. To make it more appealing and responsive to their clients. The second objective was to create two landing pages for their clients which they can send via email.

We Delivered

A completely new website design with a big focus on two key deliverables; SEO and usability. We built the website from the ground up with only the content delivered by River Film. The result is a beautifully crafted website that meets River Film’s objectives and leaves their clients with the perfect first impression. Feedback has been extremely good and River Film is already seeing tangible results after only 3 months.

Increase in online enquiries
Increase in Visitors
Decrease in Bounce Rate
Increase in Session Duration

The best thing about working with Hire Media Network was the enthusiasm and commitment they showed throughout. They clearly valued us as a client and did everything possible to make sure our aims were met

Graeme CampbellMarketing Manager
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Improved Website Design

During the design stage for River Film’s Website Design, we wanted to ensure the synergy of the website is improved from there old website design. We wanted to make sure that when their potential clients are on their website, it’s easy to navigate and leaves a lasting impression. 3 months after the result of the new website design, we have managed to decrease bounce rates by 6% and increase session duration by 33%.

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We made sure that River Film’s new website design was SEO ready. We made sure that once the website is launched, their website would improve on Google. After 3 months, River Film’s new website design had a 300% increase in online enquiries.

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Mobile Friendly

We made sure that River Film’s new website design is fully responsive. This means that the website adopt’s to every size of screen and device. No problem visiting the website from your tablet or mobile.