The Voice of British Farming

The National Farmers Union (NFU) is the voice of British Farming representing farmers and growers across England and Wales. They lobby internationally and in Europe on behalf of their members to ensure their voice is heard. And they campaign for people to support the farmers the represent. You can find out more about the NFU here

Project 2: Graphic Design and Social Media Content

The Brief

For this second project, NFU asked us to help create 3 Graphic Designs for their social media content which would help inform their audience how big supermarket chain stores such as Tesco’s, don’t keep their promise in supporting farmers across Great Britain.

We Delivered

We created a total of 3 different images for their social media accounts using Lamb as the main focus of each image. The National Farmers Union wanted all the images to focus on the lamb, so the audience can acknowledge that British Farmers produce good quality products.

Graphic Design

The client asked us to create the graphics containing beef and a message for their social media content. We made sure that all 3 graphics focused on the beef by picking images that were clear and looked ‘tasty’. This is to show the quality of beef that British  Farmers can produce.

Social Media Content

The National Farmers Union wanted the graphics for their social media. So we made sure that all 3 images were visually appealing to their audience to help increase awareness on their social media accounts