The Brief

For this project, NFU asked us to help them to create an offline and digital marketing campaign for their upcoming event and social media platform. The purpose of the campaign was to show the urgency of supporting British Farmers ‘now’.

We Delivered

We made sure that the marketing campaign and materials for the NFU sent the right message to their target audience. We ensured the offline and digital marketing campaigns emphasised the importance of supporting British Farmers now.

marketing Campaign
Marketing Campaign
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing
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marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign

The main objective of this marketing campaign was to express the importance of supporting British Farmers, we wanted to focus on the word ‘time’. We wanted to ensure that the marketing campaign emphasised in supporting British Farmers ‘NOW’ rather than ‘later’. The slogan we created for the campaign is ‘It’s time to back British Farmers’ and the icon mascot is an old style alarm clock covered in the Union Jack Flag.

Marketing Material

We created a number of graphic materials for this marketing campaign. First we designed a leaflet of a fridge containing a number of British Products with some stats on the back. We also created the icon mascot for the campaign which will be used when the NFU goes around the UK for their campaign.

marketing campaign