The Brief

Hotel Carpe Diem, a boutique hotel based in Holland, contacted us to help bring their message to life by redesigning their website to help showcase their beautiful hotel and express their fine culinary experience to their clients. They also wanted their new web design to be responsive to all mobile platforms.

We Delivered

A fresh new web design with the focus of showcasing the important aspects of their business; the hotel and culinary experience. After 2 months of working on the new web design for Hotel Carpe Diem, all of their objectives were met. We made sure the new web design would leave a lasting impression with visitors using visually exciting content to help tell their story, and ensuring the new web design is mobile friendly.

Showing hotel carpe diems new web design on macbook
Web Design/UI Icon

Web Design/User Experience

Upon designing the client’s new website, we considered how the users would use it. We made sure that each element of the website was placed at the right place. Making it easier for the user to navigate. We also made sure the new website uses visually exciting images to help showcase their unique experience.

Icon of a phone with Wings

Mobile Friendly

We made sure the client’s new web design is fully responsive. This means that the website adapts to every size of screen and device. No problem visiting the website from your tablet or mobile.

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To help with getting visually exciting images for their brand new web design, we spent a whole day taking the right images that would help tell their story.  

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Multiple Languages

To help Carpe Diem reach more clients outside of Holland, we made sure that the website can be translated properly without using Google Translate. You can choose from either English or Dutch.

hotel carpe diem web design preview. Showing two pages only