Achmea is a leading insurance company based in the Netherlands. They provide their customers with health- and life insurance and serve about half of all Dutch households. Which insurance products do you need? Which insurance meets your expectations? How do we keep your premium affordable and make sure you can easily understand their products and policies? Achmea is set out to help make informed decisions about your health, risks and financial future.

Our share

Our Illustrator Kelly designed multiple products voor Achmea and subsidiaries such as Centraal Beheer – one of the most well-known insurance companies in the Netherlands. We supplied infographics, illustrations and cup designs.

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Information equaling 174 sheets  of paper is being fed into every one of us each day. You can imagine it’s important to communicate complex information in a quick and efficient manner. Infographics are the perfect communication channel to display facts quickly and easy to understand.

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Paper Cup Designs

Recycling is important. We all benefit from real environment consequences, either today or in the future. But how do you prompt people to take action? Start with the small things. Paper cups. How are they recycled? We designed a clear and clever story that explains the process.

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Illustration is an incredibly versatile tool that has a number of different applications in design. The main benefit of illustration the ability to communicate complex information in a very easy and straightforward manner, by creating playful and fresh designs. Like we did for Achmea.

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