Hire Media’s New Branding Design

By 12 August 2016No categorie

A few months ago, the Hire Media team decided that it was about time to change the companies branding. The previews logo design was good. However, the team felt that there was something missing. So we decided to go towards a different direction with our branding. Branding Logo

Hire Media Network being a Digital Marketing and Creative Agency, we decided that we wanted to have a more corporate and professional look for our brand. We also wanted our new logo to be simple, yet very classy. When people looked at our new logo, we wanted to make sure that they felt confident and it give them a sense of trust towards the company.

However, re-branding the company was no easy task. It required a lot of brainstorming and hitting the drawing board a number of times before we got to where we wanted.

After a few weeks of brainstorming and drinking tons (and I mean TONS!) of coffee, our brilliant design team finally came up with a new logo design that the whole company could agree with. We hope that you like the branding as much as we like it.

Branding Design


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