6 Marketing Myths You Should Ignore

Even worked with a marketing agency that claimed any of the below myths? Walk away!
Here’s 6 marketing myths you should ignore!

  1. Marketing Myth: Number 1 on Google

We’re pretty sure that you will have received emails from agencies (or individuals) who guaranteed that they could drive much more traffic to your website and that you could be number 1 on Google. The main reason you should not sign up with these agencies is because they are lying. No agency in the world can guarantee a number 1 position on Google. Google changes their algorithms almost daily and can display results based on your own search history. So yes, it’s just not possible to guarantee any position in Google.  

  1. Marketing Myth: Viral Marketing Agencies

‘We make your campaign go viral!’ No you won’t. For the very simple reason that nobody can make anything go viral. Going viral is just something that ‘happens’. There are of course, a few main campaign cornerstones that will give you a head start. If your campaign is funny or shocking, it has a better chance of being shared than if it’s ‘just another ad’. But if you want to work with a viral marketing agency, walk away. Nobody, other than the end users, can make your campaign go viral.

  1. Marketing Myth: Digital Marketing is all about traffic

Nope! Although Search Engines Optimisation is about getting your website ranked well on Google, the main objective of digital marketing is driving leads and sales. You can have all the traffic in the world. But if your website visitors don’t turn into customers or followers (or whatever your goal is) then all that traffic is pretty useless.

  1. Marketing Myth: Get the right keywords, get the right ranking

Yes and no. You do need the right keywords, but you need to play around with them a little bit. In the past keyword stuffing was great for your ranking. Google knew exactly what visitors needed to see on your website. But nowadays Google is looking for more organic content. Content that is a bit more engaging. So although keywords are still important, it doesn’t hurt to play around with them or find synonyms for them. The more engaging your content is, the better your ranking will be.

  1. Marketing Myth: Does paid search influence my organic search?

You’d think that spending money with Google will positively influence them. It doesn’t. Although PPC can get you results in its own way, it will not positively influence your organic ranking. So if you’re running a PPC campaign alongside your SEO, make sure you do it for the right reasons. Interestingly enough, PPC will influence your organic ranking on Baidu. Something to keep in mind when marketing to China. Paid advertising with Baidu (China’s biggest search engine) does positively influence organic ranking, at the time of writing. But more on that later.

  1. Marketing Myth: Are B2B and B2C different?

There’s a really cheesy quote circulating the interwebs. It goes along the lines of ‘It’s not B2B or B2C anymore, it’s H2H – Human to Human.’ You’ve probably seen it fly past on LinkedIn. But this is nothing new or revolutionary. A business is simply an organisation filled with consumers. Fair enough, there are a few differences in the decision-making process between selling to businesses and consumers. But the main concept of gaining trust, becoming a recognisable brand and being able to solve a problem that someone is facing, is all the same. The reason our canteen has a Coca Cola vending machine is not because they did such a great job marketing to us as a business, but because we as consumers trust the brand.

In conclusion..

So if you’re working with an agency and they are claiming any of the above marketing myths, we recommend a light review with them. Followed by a call or email to us. Hope this was helpful and for any questions – get in touch!

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