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Hire Media Network is a Digital Marketing and Creative Agency specialising in cross-cultural communication. We offer a range of services such as Website Design & Website Development, App Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Branding and Media Production to name a few.
We have a team in both London and Asia, allowing us to help our clients and partners in a local or international scale. From creating new online and offline marketing campaigns to re-imaging your companies branding, we can help.

Hire Media Network is a full-service Digital Marketing & Creative agency that specialises in helping clients with cross-cultural communications. We have offices in both London and in Asia allowing us to help our clients locally or internationally.

We have a wide network of Developers, Designers, Copywriters and Digital Marketers based in London and Asia. This allows us to provide our partners and clients with a unique end product.

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 Web Design

Your website speaks to more people every day than your sales team. That why when we create a new website, we try to understand your goals and how your customers behave online. Thus, we can create a unique user-interface to help your customers navigate your website with ease.

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 Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team specialises in helping our clients improve their digital marketing strategy on several platforms. Whether it’s your website or social media, our digital marketing team will ensure that your message is properly communicated.

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 Branding & Design

If you’re looking to re-brand or just need help create new marketing material for your next campaign, it is important the content reflects your company or marketing goals. With the help of our design team, we ensure that your brand and content would leave a positive and lasting impression with your customers.

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 Media Production

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million. Our media production team can create and produce unique videos to help send a clearer message to your target audience.

International Marketing

Trying to bring your brand to internationally could be very difficult. There are a number of factors to consider such as; cultural difference and language. Having a team in the UK and Asia, we understand these differences and allows us to help clients bring their brand to a new international market.  We understand the challenges you might face bringing your brand international so let us help you!

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Our Sucess Story

Hotel Carpe Diem Web Design

Hotel Carpe Diem Web Design

Carpe Diem Web Design

NFU: Time To Back British Farmers

NFU: Time To Back British Farmers

24 October 2016

Dorseet Hotel Taxi Wrap Advert

Dorseet Hotel Taxi Wrap Advert




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